Making pendants with concrete, or cement, if you prefer, has long been my desire. Finally I did it and I have to admit that I like the result very much. Much is very little, it is immensely the most appropriate word, in fact I always wear them since I "prepared" them.

Of these jewels I was amazed at the ease of execution, once the amount of water to be added to the cement powder is understood, it is a moment, and then you just have to be patient and wait for it to dry out.

Here is a quick and easy tutorial for you. Thanks to Opitec for giving me the opportunity to create these beautiful concrete jewels by myself .

MOD PODGE® silicone mold – precious stones, 9 motifs, approx. 8-80 mm;
Fine concrete for costume jewelery;
Formestone non-stick medium "Aqualite", 100 ml;
Pins with eyelet, 100 pieces, approx. 32 x ø 0.5 mm, platinum color;
Waxed cord or pearls;
Taglierino (only the first time);
Plastic cup and spoon;
Difficulty of work: easy.

Time required for the realization: 10 minutes plus the drying time of the cement.

Suitable for whom: all.

Before starting: for the realization of the pendants you have to have some precautions that I will point out below. The drying time of the cement varies depending on the humidity of the air, usually in 24 hours you can have your pendants hardened.

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