How to create DIY jewelry: ideas and solutions

DIY jewelry: how to make DIY bijoux
It does not matter if they are brand new, vintage, bought in exclusive boutiques of high fashion accessories or found in flea markets: jewels are a must for the feminine look , essential elements to give that unique and unmistakable touch to your style. If, however, around you never find what is right for you – a necklace that can satisfy your taste 100% or a pair of earrings that illuminate the face as you say – then you can try to create jewelry with the make from you , exclusive pieces that will make you truly unique !
Here are useful techniques and tips to create versatile jewelry , in a creative and fun way. After all, why buy them, if you can invent them?

Precision goldsmith to create copper jewelry
If you have good craftsmanship and precision as a goldsmith, then copper jewels are the one for you. Buy a ball of copper wire from a hardware store and obtain nippers and pliers , with which you will have to do a little practice before acquiring the right familiarity. Start with the simplest solution: wrap the wire around a hard stone or colored pebble ; do 2 or 3 turns and then make a small eyelet with the end of the thread in which to pass the cord of your pendant .
With a little experience, you can create copper jewelery with an increasingly complex design : rings made withmany turns of thread and a floral decoration or dangle earrings with small beads. Just practice and unleash your imagination!

Create jewelry with buttons, would you ever say?
If you too love to keep the buttons of the garments that you no longer use , then you will have them large, small, colored, of different shapes or decorated. What are you waiting to create jewelry with buttons and make, for example, super original necklaces ? Procure in the haberdashery of the resistant nylon thread and a closing hook and then begin to thread the buttons one by one, blocking them with little knots to prevent them overlapping too much and are no longer seen. You can follow a specific order – for example by placing the smaller buttons near the closure and the larger ones in the middle – or insert them in bulk for a fun and playful necklace ! To give her a little body,after having inserted a series of large buttons , you can glue on each one with hot glue 2 smaller buttons of different shades: you will see that original effect!

Create wooden jewelry: for the most expert
Wood lends itself very well to making jewelry, but you need a little 'experience to handle with caution the tools needed to work it. If you want to create wooden jewelry, for example a pair of earrings, get a sheet of wood carved with a fretwork in a DIY store. Start with the simplest form : a square; draw it on a sheet of paper and then use it as a model to bring the design back to the wood ; cut two squares of wood with the fretwork and then polish them with fine-grained sandpaper.
Now practice with a fine bit of a drill a small hole in which to insert the hook and then have fun painting your earrings in wood with acrylic colors, choosing the motif you like most!

Culinary creativity to make do-it-yourself necklaces
If you have the passion for necklaces and cooking , a very original and fun idea to make DIY necklaces is to use pasta . That's right, the one that cooks: in the pantry you'll certainly have some pack of pasta already open. Take some format that lends itself to being inserted in a piece of rubber, leather or even in a cloth-lined wire: rings, snails, wheels.
To give the pasta a different look, you can color it with shiny acrylic enamels or dip it in bags with food coloring ; in this case, shake well and let it rest for a few hours so that the pigments take hold. Did you see? With your culinary creativity you can even create DIY jewelry !

How to make alternative DIY jewelery
If you're a sporty girl and do not miss the chance to get on your bike, you could create a trendy bracelet with the links in its chain . You only need a pincer to break the stitches according to the length you want and a hook to seal your street style bracelet ! If you want to know how to make silver DIY bijoux … open the drawer of the cupboard where you store the cutlery or ask grandmother if she gives you a fork or an antique spoon : the vintage effect always wins over everything! Polish it and then fold it with a clamp and a clamp ; if the ends of the fork are very sharp, round it with the metal abrasive paper. Here are made of very cool bracelets!

Ideas for creating DIY ethnic jewelry
Showy colored necklaces, large tinkling bracelets … ethnic jewelry always has their charm, especially in the summer, when they blend perfectly with the tanned skin. The beauty is that creating ethnic DIY jewelry is not difficult , just recover natural materials of all kinds and then combine them with taste and refinement . Small pieces of colored glass, wooden beads, shells, semi-precious stones, feathers : these are the ideal elements to create jewels with an unmistakable ethnic flavor with the help of hooks, nuns, colored or rubber thread.

For example, to create a multi-round necklace , get lots of scraps of thin fabricto be rolled together to form a single, long colored cord . Now, at different distances rings of silver and wood – colored and natural – separated by knots made with the same cord. Free creativity and customize the necklace as you wish. Here's how to make elegant DIY designer necklaces of ethnic taste!

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